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Missile Impossible

Missile Impossible

Spin and twist round and round with your plane in this arcade hit while you dodge missiles or stop them from going ballistic on your base.

A One Tap Game: Tap to change your airplane direction Evade missiles in Dodge Mode Or collide with them in Defensive mode Collect Stars: Use them to buy new airplanes and base themes.

Rules/How to Play:

✅One Tap Gameplay: Just tap to change direction- the time it right for extra Near Miss points! ✅Non-Wifi Game: Can be played and enjoyed with wifi off ✅13 planes to choose from: From WWII fighters to sci-fi rocketships and a paper plane! ✅6 bases to play in: From a Caribbean voodoo island to outer space! ❌5 missile types to avoid: Don't let that homing missile turn you into a ketchup stain!


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July 4, 2017

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