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Loops: Color Pop

Loops: Color Pop

Dreamnode Studios is proud to present their first game ever – LOOPS! Loops is a neat little game that makes you think on the spot. It’s a unique take on the color swap and endless arcade genre with simple controls that make it easy to play yet hard to master. The game’s clean graphics, upbeat music, and fun popping sounds give the game a really happy vibe that we hope our users will enjoy thoroughly. Loops’ smooth and casual gameplay makes the game super fun and addictive!

Cool Features:

There are four different game modes within the game and 13 different characters for you to unlock. With World Cup fever running high, we've also included a football character! So go on, try and beat your friends' high scores and give the game a spin!

Rules / How to Play:

✅Tap to change the direction of the ball (each tap changes the direction)<br> ✅Match the color of the ball to the part of the circle with the same color (If the ball is blue, hit the blue part of the circle)<br> *Every time you pass through a loop, the colour of the ball changes ✅Pass through as many loops as possible ❌If you hit the incorrect part (the wrong color) of the circle, game = over :( After every few loops, a rainbow ring comes which multiplies your score!


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June 27, 2017

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